• What Can’t You Do With Aloe Vera?


    It seems here’s nothing that Aloe Vera can’t help with! Aloe Vera has such wonderful all round health benefits – apart from soothing sunburn and other skin conditions. It promotes hair growth and delays aging; boosts the immune system; and can help cure gum disease!!

    Aloe Vera is made up largely of water, but the small percentage of other ingredients are what provide the magic!

    “Based on studies and clinical applications Aloe vera has been shown beyond a doubt to have immense potential therapeutically. Aloe vera is used medicinally both externally and internally.
    Aloe vera is the single most healing of all the herbs. It’s anti-cancer, anti-parasitic, and it repairs DNA. It protects us from viruses and bacteria. Every time I take juice, I take aloe, and it makes a big difference.”

    – Gary Nulls Ultimate Anti Aging Program by Gary Null, Ph.D.

    This article, on HealthNutNews.com contains various videos about the benefits of Aloe Vera – and it provides detailed, step-by-step, instructions on how to harvest the Aloe Vera gel if you grow your own.

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