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    Have you used Hydrosols? I started to use them a year or two ago, and they make a lovely spray on their own, or used as the base of a blend with essential oils. Hydrosols are also great to use with children as they are a by-product of essential oils and do not contain the same concentration of oil as the essential oil. For more information on hydrosols, see What are Hydrosols?

    This article, on the Mountain Rose Herbs site, describes some lovely blends of essential oils to use as body sprays – blended with witch hazel or vodka, or with selected hydrosols.

    I love the feeling of cool mist on my skin, especially when scented with flowers and citrus and earth. As a teenager, I collected bottles of perfume and reveled in the transformative magic that aroma inspires. Soft honeyed amber, light fruity florals, and spicy evergreen woods set the mood each morning before I adventured out into the world.

    What I didn’t know then was that these aromatic experiences I treasured so much…were actually synthetic. When I learned the truth about commercial perfumes and body sprays, I was heartbroken. For years, I had been spraying myself with potentially toxic petrochemicals, some of which are known allergens and hormone disruptors. Isn’t it interesting that the ingredients aren’t listed on all of those pretty bottles? Transparency is not the industry’s forte it seems.

    I immediately abandoned designer fragrances and discovered a new passion for crafting my own perfumes with natural botanical extracts. With so many gorgeous organic essential oils and hydrosolsbeing distilled or pressed from fruits, barks, flowers, resins, and other plant material, it’s easy to become enchanted with the blending process. Plus, many of these ingredients also offer aromatherapeutic and skin care benefits. Creating healing fragrances that are perfect for you is a dreamy pursuit.

    The full article provides instructions for making the blends, plus suggestions such as Sweet Orange Essential Oil + Cardamom Essential Oil + Fresh Ginger Essential Oil, or Neroli Hydrosol + Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil. See MountainRoseBlog.com for more suggestions.

    Image taken from the same site.


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