• Eucalyptus Oil: Yes or No?


    There are a lot of horror stories around about the effects of using eucalyptus essential oil with children. It is definitely an oil to use with caution, but some of the stories have been reported from extreme and inappropriate use of the oil. This is an article I came across from indigobotanicaltherapy.com. It provides a lot of great information that will hopefully clear up some of the facts and myths of using eucalyptus essential oil. There is a lot of content in this article, but it is really worth a read when you have 10 minutes minutes to spare.

    The Eucalyptus Oil Debate: Clearing up the Misconceptions

    I was not planning to write about eucalyptus for a first blog post, but I decided to go ahead and tackle this subject matter since it has been niggling at the back of my mind for quite some time now. The use of eucalyptus oil with children is one of the most hotly debated topics in aromatherapy circles, especially on social media. And it gets quite confusing. Depending on where you spend some time, we see any one of a variety of perspectives offering different rules on this wonderful oil’s use with the most precious little beings in our lives.

    Whether or not eucalyptus oil is safe to use with children of certain ages is a topic that dominates safe use conversation. We see multiple different perspectives being thrown into the discussion, ranging from extremely limited use recommendations to the idea that there is no risk in using the oil with children of any age. Given the broad range of advice, it has become comprehensibly quite difficult for parents to navigate the sea of information (and misinformation) to determine what is really valid when it comes to eucalyptus. Each side of the issue has its own zealous set of supporters, and all too often the conflicted parent is left more confused than they were when they first began asking questions.

    The professional aromatherapy community is also not without controversy over this matter, and this probably more than anything leads to consumer confusion over whether or not they are using essential oils safely with their children – and understandably so. After all, who can you trust when those who are trained to guide you in matter of therapeutic use with essential oils can’t seem to agree themselves?

    Research. You trust the appropriately gathered research and the reasonable, real life extrapolation of its offerings.

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