• Essential Oils for Swollen Ankles


    There can be many causes of swollen ankles, many of them related to daily or life events: standing all day, or long-distance air travel as examples. I find that my hands can swell if I walk on a hot day! A lotĀ of the time, swelling (also known as edema) can be treated at home.

    Please note: If you have severe swelling that is not alleviated by rest and home treatments, please see your doctor: edema can be a sign of illness that needs treating professionally.

    For those of us with occasional swelling, there are essential oils that can help! This article, on New Health Advisor, describes six individual oils that may help, plus a blend that you can use to massage those swollen limbs.

    Essential Oils for Swelling

    1. Chamomile Oil

    Chamomile possesses anti-inflammatory properties that make it widely known as a treatment for poison ivy. However, it also works wonders as a treatment for swollen limbs. Use it by applying a few drops to the affected areas, and then kneading until the swelling subsides. Alternatively, you can apply the oil on a damp cloth that you can rub on your feet and legs. Chamomile also has a nice and relaxing scent you can enjoy as you massage yourself.

    2. Lavender Oil

    It can be used to massage and ease the discomfort of swelling in different body parts. To use, apply a few drops directly onto the affected areas and massage slowly, using moderate pressure. Continue doing this until the pain is relieved or until the swelling subsides.

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