• Essential Oils for Anger Management


    We may all have occasional outbursts of anger, but if you feel you have uncontrollable anger, or you have anger and resentment that just keep building up inside you, you could be setting yourself up for a range of health issues. Tiredness, apathy, and even physical conditions such as muscle aches and pains, intestinal problems, and rashes can be caused by a build-up of anger. If you can recognize this in yourself, you may want to pre-empt the anger or calm yourself down using essential oils.

    There are several that you can use – and sometimes it’s a case of finding the oil or blend that “speaks” to you and really lifts your spirits. The following essential oils will all help in different ways:

    • Bergamot – the appeal of bergamot is the bright, fresh smell. Diffuse or inhale directly for emotional and mental benefits. You can also add this to a bath or shower, but it is highly phototoxic. Do not use on young children.
    • Chamomile (German or Roman) – has a deeply relaxing effect. Diffuse or add to the bath or shower.
    • Cypress – a great oil to soothe and calm the mind, mitigating anger and irritability.
    • Lavender – a very calming oil. Lavender can lift your mood. It can be blended with any of these other oils.
    • Manuka– you may have come across Manuka honey, which can be used as an antibiotic to treat just about anything! Manuka oil is similar, and has a very relaxing effect when diffused.

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    1. Yes i do! Started when i was pregnant…it was the only thing that helped me sleep.

    2. Anything about lavender oil is important.

    3. IMHO posts about peppermint oil are fantastic.

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