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    Body Oil for Those Tired Muscles

      You know those days – maybe you’ve overdone exercise or yardwork, or you just feel a little below the weather¬†–¬†and ...
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      One of the concerns about being out and about in the outdoors is the possibility of picking up a tick or two (ugh!). Children ...
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    Be Happy!

      I love using inhalers. Actually I love blending for inhalers – they are so simple to make and so effective! And you can ...

    More Uses of Cinnamon

      Cinnamon has so many benefits, from flavoring food (think apple pie or cinnabon…) to medicinal benefits, such as helping ...
    34022669 - nigella sativa oil in a bottle and nigella or black cumin seeds in a bowl isolated on white background. unsaturated fats omega-6 fatty acids. cold pressed, non refined oil. anti-aging ingredient.

    Black Cumin Seed Oil

      Black Cumin Seed oil, which is pressed from the seeds of Nigella Sativa, is known by several names, including Black cumin, Black ...
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    A New Carrier Oil…

      The cranberry is a unique, Native American plant that only thrives in wetlands, or bogs. Natural bogs evolved from deposits ...

    Essential Oil Tips for Travellers

      There are always “incidents” while travelling! One member of the family may suffer from travel sickness, one may ...

    Night-Time Face Serum

      I came across this recipe on Aromatics.com. I love that all the ingredients in this blend are wonderfully moisturizing for your ...
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    Natural Insect Repellants

      It’s difficult to keep those biting bugs away if you ever go outdoors during the summer I love to sit outside, but the ...