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    Super-Soothing Hand Balm

      Making lotions can seem to be a lot of work – but the results are so worth the effort. This is the case with this Frankincense ...

    Cedarwood Essential Oil

      I always think of pencils and mulch when I think of Cedarwood essential oil. But it has been used for centuries for its medicinal ...
    Aloe vera

    What Can’t You Do With Aloe Vera?

      It seems here’s nothing that Aloe Vera can’t help with! Aloe Vera has such wonderful all round health benefits ...
    Julie Diffuser

    Julie Diffuser

      Don’t forget the Stadler special offer that runs until 9/21. I have the Jasmine diffuser and I’m going for Swinging ...
    35131019 - koala bear climbing eucalyptus tree

    Eucalyptus Oil: Yes or No?

      There are a lot of horror stories around about the effects of using eucalyptus essential oil with children. It is definitely ...
    48130048 - very angry pissed off woman screaming steam smoke coming out up of head. negative human emotions, feelings face expression

    Essential Oils for Anger Management

      We may all have occasional outbursts of anger, but if you feel you have uncontrollable anger, or you have anger and resentment ...

    Selection of Body Sprays

      Have you used Hydrosols? I started to use them a year or two ago, and they make a lovely spray on their own, or used as the ...

    Essential Oils for Swollen Ankles

      There can be many causes of swollen ankles, many of them related to daily or life events: standing all day, or long-distance ...
    Immortelle - Helichrysum arenarium is also known as dwarf everlast

    Helichrysum Help

      My daughter recently had surgery to repair a broken leg, and once her wound had healed over, she started to apply helichrysum ...